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Frequently Asked Questions

By you—and me.

Questions You Typically Ask Me...

Do you charge by the hour?

Like the shapes of gemstones, every project I take on is a little different, and there is no one-size-fits-all pricing I can set in stone. I'll fully evaluate the scope of your needs and provide you with a per-word rate or project fee. I rarely—if ever—work hourly.

What's included in your rate?

Every project I take on has value-based pricing applied. This means what you're paying for is the value and your ROI of the deliverable, not the number of hours it took me to create it.

My rates also include:

  • My time spent researching

  • SEO keyword integration and formatting

  • Internal links to your existing in-house content

  • External links at your direction

  • My knowledge and expertise in my niche

  • My 20+ years of professional writing experience and life-long study of the craft

  • High-quality image and graphic sourcing and/or production (when part of the project fee)

What is your process like?

I'm so glad you asked! If you're new to working with freelancers it can be hard to know what to expect as we all work a little differently, but here's what working with me typically looks like:

After we've had our discovery call, signed our contracts, and you've paid the 50% deposit, you'll assign me a topic and provide your keywords or phrases (if necessary). In the meantime, I'll be conducting a content audit where I:

  • Evaluate the content you already have in place, what your social presence looks like, and whatever else I can consume that gives me an idea of your voice, tone, brand messaging, customer's pain points, and other noteworthy tidbits. This is a great time to introduce me to the creative assets you already have, and share about the ones you hope to gain. If you have an in-house Style Guide, please provide it to me at this point as well.

    This content audit is not to advise you on your marketing strategy. It's just a deep dive into what makes you (or your company or service), uniquely you. Before I write anything for you, I need to learn about you.

  • I'll provide you with a content brief to fill out and return to me, and then put together an outline for you to review in a Google Doc. This is your chance to make minor tweaks to the content before I start writing. Maybe you forgot to include key info, or want to omit a section? Now's your chance to make those last-minute changes.

  • Next, I do the research if required, write the draft, and incorporate your keywords. Once I gather or create the art if needed, (additional fees apply), I'll send it to you in Google Doc where you can make notes/edits within the doc. One round of revisions is included in my fee. I have an approximately 7-business-days turnaround time on average.

  • I'll incorporate your requests into one final polished gem, and after we both sign off on approval, I'll invoice you for the remainder of the fee (Net0), and all work after the initial project will be invoiced monthly.

Do you ghostwrite blog posts?

Yes! Absolutely. I am happy to. However, ghostwritten content, (no byline or link) is subject to a 20% increase in fee due to the fact that I don't get the opportunity to build my domain authority.  If your legal team also prohibits me from showcasing my work for you in my portfolio, that places further constraints on my professional development and the surcharge is in place to offset those ramifications.

How soon can you start?

In most cases, I need a two-week lead time for starting a new project. I am accepting new clients at this time—but my availability fills up fast.

I typically am not available for "rush" jobs, (I produce high-quality content ONLY), but you can move to the front of the queue for a 25% priority fee.

Questions I Typically Ask You...

Have you worked with a freelance writer before?

Freelancers are not employees on your payroll, and though a lot of us are intuitive , we are not mind readers. Freelance writers work independently, from the outside in.

As a freelance writer, I need information from you so I can best tell your story. And while I do possess seemingly abundant creativity, I don't already know all of the facts about your business.

Gathering information from you is a process, one in which I do my due diligence in producing the highest-quality work possible, but I rely on your good communication from the outset to get the job done.

What is the budget for your project?

Good content is tailored perfectly to the brand, organization, or individual—and their audience. This means the scope of the work and the budget for it can vary wildly. By establishing your budget early on, we can determine if we are a good fit for one another.

If my services fall outside of your range, we can often tweak or reduce the scope of the work to produce something that fits within your budget—just ask!

What are your main goals for your new content?

Content informs, enriches, and illuminates your readers and compels them to act. That action is what you need to be crystal-clear about so I can craft content that engages your readers and converts them into customers. So, tell me more about your CTA...

Is a retainer model right for you?

Maybe a retainer contract will fit your needs best? Perhaps you need a blog post one month, a slide deck another, or a newsletter sprinkled in here and there? If your needs are constantly evolving, but your appetite for fresh content remains constant, then it sounds like a retainer model could be right for you.

If you hire me "on retainer" you'll pay a flat fee and get priority access. You'll have fresh content ready when you need it that will grow your audience, increase your SEO, and position you as an industry expert.

Long-standing partnerships with great communication enable us both to spend less time preparing for the work and allows for us to put more time toward actually getting it done. The longer we work together—the more expert I become in your voice, tone, brand objectives, workflow, and key operating principles. We both save time and money. It's a win-win.

Have you designated one person to be the point-of-contact for this project?

An unorganized workflow can delay the deliverables. When you designate one member of your team to oversee the freelance content, it streamlines the process and expedites the ultimate goal of putting your new content to work and reaping the benefits of your ROI.

Revisions are a natural part of the content process, and while one round of revisions is included in the fee, it is not one round with every member of your team. Designate your point person upfront, and let's get collaborating!

Ready to dig into your material and see what we can unearth?

I'll mine for the hidden gems in your work and put them on full display.