Not just a rock-solid writer. 

A gem.

Hey There. I'm Jerica

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Long-form Content Lover | SEO Specialist | Hidden-Gem Word Hunter 

Have you ever heard the term "rockhound"? Well, that's me—but instead of rocks, I obsessively hunt, collect, and display the world's very best words. 

Sometimes you've gotta dig deep.

Sometimes it's right there on the surface. 


And for me, writing for SEO is kinda like following a treasure map. There's always a clear path to take, but unless you get a little creative—you're never gonna strike gold.  Read More...

Don't be a hard rock when you really are a gem* and don't settle for content that lacks luster, polish, and shine.

If you want crystalline content that strikes gold with your audience—well, friends—you've finally mined the right part of the internet.

*Lauren Hill, "Doo-Wop (That Thing)" 

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"Jerica is a kickass writer. She's diligent and disciplined, can pump out words full of personality, and totally embraces feedback as a way to grow (but doesn't need too much of it!)"

— Tamar Weinberg, Editor | Loud Interactive

Clarity - I write crystal clear content that engages. I keep my readers on the page—where they belong—often nodding their heads up and down and muttering "Yesss" under their breath, all the way down the funnel. Or here it'd be tunnel because even though I bore into my material, I've never been called boring.

Color - Long-form SEO content must be colorful. It has to sound natural. It needs a lived-in feel, the one you get after painting an accent wall in your house your favorite color and then inviting your best friend over for tea. Long-form content is a rich and colorful conversation, one that makes you forget about your dull, gray existence—if even just for a moment.

My Four C's

of Content Creation

Cut - Great content is multifaceted and has already chipped away the superfluous words.  Imperfections are what get content rejected, and you won't find any of that here.

Carat Weight - Web copy that sparkles carries more weight. Authentic, illuminated storytelling and content with a fire inside of it make my work shine like a diamond—in a quarry full of quartz.

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Let's Dig Into It...

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