Here's my golden opportunity...

I get it. I've only got a few minutes with you before the canary sings, so here's everything you've ever wanted to know about me, and some things you could've done without:

When I was 19 I rode the ferry over to the mainland, marched into a publisher's office, and begged them for a spot at their desk.

I promised them I'd be the best damn intern they never knew they wanted. ​

Fast forward 20+ years, and I'm still out here—hunting down, mining, digging deep, and cutting kerfs into the stone of the story to reveal the hidden gems inside.

My personal map to find the gold has been a meandering one. I occasionally make tangential forrays into the markety-marketing land where I use my graphic design skills to complement my copy...

Instead, they made me a Staff Reporter and traded me real money for carefully-crafted words that I lovingly composed

per column inch.


And aside from intentionally choosing motherhood, I don't believe I've been that brave since—but, give me time...

I've designed billboards, entire websites, boutique merchandise, a lifestyle WP blog, and have even written radio spots about cannabis.

There's one style of writing though that attracts me like a rare earth magnet, and nowadays it would take dynamite to blast me away from content marketing writing for SEO.  

A woman sits in front of a moon-like landscape. Zabriskie Point in Death Valley, CA

Photo Credit: R. Pender, Age 9

Long-form content may be my crown jewel, but I've struck many other gold veins of interest, too 

National park-obsessed forever traveler

Thank Goddess I was blessed with a family willing to go along on all of my wacky adventures. Had they not been bitten by the wanderlust bug too, I'd probably just leave them home and go anyway. I write because I love it, and I can't stop, but you bet your sweet bippy that all of my extra cash goes toward road-tripping, flying to far-off places, and collecting cancellations (stamps) at every national park I can possibly get into.


Death Valley National Park, a place where I feel most alive.

History nerd

Nerd. Nerd! I can't stop y'all. Just the thought of a musty old book filled with script my children will never be able to read leaves me awash with excitement. There's something inherently powerful about writing down the stories of today for tomorrow's readers, and as a writer, I see it as my duty to ensure the story is told accurately and completely.

Do me a favor—would ya? Write your stories down on paper sometimes. Maybe even tuck them away in an attic and forget about them. Let them be a hidden treasure for someone else to find, paper that their fingers could page through, the scent of your story wafting from the sheets for the reader to sniff.  Let's leave our future selves something we can touch. Something more than a dusty 'ol hard drive.

I believe in science, exercise, and plants

I eat a plant-based diet—for the climate first—and then the animals, (don't tell PETA or my vegan friends on Insta, please), but I don't force my kids, my family, or my friends to eat the way that I do. I just love plants and the magic they behold. Plus, my body really likes plants. And walking. And tennis, (though I don't know the rules). Diet, exercise, and work/life balance are really important to me. That's why you'll find me taking time off, and only working with virtuous companies/individuals whose priorities include people over profits.

Proud PNW'er

Ahhhh, the Pacific Northwest. There is nothing like it. If you know, you know. I have a deep sense of place, and possibly an even deeper layer of moss growing on top of my back. I think Bigfoot is kinda real, own more boats than cars, and nope—don't like coffee at all. I'm a tea lady.

PNW aerial.jpg

At Right: the view of Mount Tahoma, or Mount Rainier when flying into Seattle.

So, you wanna chat? Get a virtual cup of tea or something? We could swap puns back and forth and compliment one another on our Zoom backgrounds... EMAIL ME!